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Premium Cat Litter | Easy Maintenance for Clean and Fresh Environment | 4kg

$29.99 USD
$24.99 USD

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  • 4 Kg Litter
  • 99% Dust free
  • 1.5 times of high density particles
  • 30 Days of lasting durability
  • Absorbs and dehydrate waste
  • Low tracking for less mess
  • Strong water absorption
  • No Weekly Refilling
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and clean
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Premium Cat Litter | Easy Maintenance for Clean and Fresh Environment | 4kg

$29.99 USD
$24.99 USD

About This Item

Premium Cat Litter
Premium Cat Litter
Premium Cat Litter
Premium Cat Litter


Material Crystal

Shape Cylindrical

Color Blue

Weight 4 kg

Crystal Size 1-2.5mm, 2-8mm

One Bag Size L-15.63in , W-12.40 in , H- 2 in

Item Type Cat Litter


Saint N Mike Cate Litter

The perfect option is cat litter in order to keep the litter box clean, odor-free, and comfortable.

Cat Litter is precisely prepared to provide great absorbency, clumping strength, and odor control.

Instant Absorption: Instant Absorption: Our cat litter's outstanding absorbency is one of its distinguishing qualities. Urine is instantly absorbed by the absorbent granules, which prevents leakage into the litter box's bottom. Create a more hygienic atmosphere around the litter box while also keeping cat's paws dry and clean.

Long-Lasting: our 1 bag cat litter last upto 30 days so spend more time with your pet friend and less time in cleaning the litter box.

Less mess: Just add enough litter to the box to cover the bottom with a layer. In order to keep the level, routinely remove clumps and solid waste, and occasionally add fresh litter.

Removes odors quickly: Our litter removes Odors 5x faster than traditional litter. Our litter is especially made with odor-neutralizing ingredients that efficiently trap odors, leaving your house smelling clean and fresh.

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: How often should I change the cat litter?

    A: It's recommended to scoop out solid waste and clumps daily to maintain cleanliness. The entire litter box should be emptied and refilled with fresh litter every 1-2 weeks, or more frequently if necessary.

    Q: How much cat litter should I use?

    A: It's recommended to have a layer of litter that is about 2-3 inches deep. This depth allows for adequate absorption and clumping, while providing enough litter for your cat to comfortably dig and cover their waste.

    Q: How can I control litter box odors?

    A: To control litter box odors, choose a cat litter that is specifically formulated for odor control. These litters typically contain ingredients that help absorb and neutralize odors effectively. Regular scooping of solid waste and clumps is also essential to prevent odors from spreading. Additionally, placing the litter box in a well-ventilated area or using an air freshener nearby can help maintain a fresh-smelling environment.

    Q: How can I reduce litter tracking?

    A: Litter tracking occurs when cats carry litter particles out of the litter box on their paws. To reduce tracking, consider using a litter mat outside the litter box to capture and collect loose litter. Regular sweeping or vacuuming of the area around the litter box can also help keep it clean. Additionally, choosing a low-dust cat litter can minimize the amount of litter that gets tracked around the house.

    Q: Can I mix different types of cat litter?

    A: Mixing different types of cat litter is possible but may not always be ideal. Some cats are sensitive to changes in texture or scent, which could lead to litter box aversion. If you decide to mix litters, introduce the new litter gradually by adding small amounts to the existing litter. Observe your cat's behavior and adjust accordingly to ensure they are comfortable with the change.

    Q: Is cat litter harmful if ingested by my cat?

    A: While cat litter is generally safe if ingested in small amounts, it's not intended to be consumed. Some types of cat litter, such as clumping clay litter, can expand and cause blockages if ingested in large quantities. If you suspect your cat has ingested a significant amount of litter or is showing signs of distress, contact your veterinarian for guidance.

    Q: Can I flush the cat litter down the toilet?

    A: No.

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