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Reflective and Adjustable Pet Collar Harness Leash, Halter Collar Pet Harness Belt

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  • High-quality nylon material, Long lasting
  • Safe and Adjustable straps
  • Zinc alloy metal D-ring
  • Reflective strips for night
  • Stylish design, Multiple color option
  • Compact and light weight, Easy to carry
  • Easy to use and hand washable
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Reflective and Adjustable Pet Collar Harness Leash, Halter Collar Pet Harness Belt

About This Item


Material Nylon, Zinc-alloy

Color Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, Green, Brown

Size 120 cm / 48 inch

Style Classics

Item Type Pet supplies, Pet Harness, and Leash


Reflective and Adjustable Pet Collar Harness Leash, Halter Collar Pet Harness Belt

The Pet Collar Harness Leash is tailored and made for cats, small dogs, and other small pets. This product features two larger circles and one smaller circle. The smaller circle is placed around the pet's neck and fitted with a buckle, while the larger circle is designed to fit the chest.

  • High-quality: The harness is made of high-quality nylon material. It's durable, strong, and lightweight, making it ideal for outdoor use. Long-lasting wear without putting unnecessary strain on your pet.
  • Reflective Safety: The reflective stripe stitching on the ribbon prevents it from detaching, offering reliable visibility and safety when walking your pet at night.
  • Hassle-free Buckles: Easy-to-use buckles make putting on and removing the harness easy, perfect for timid pets.
  • D buckle: Zinc alloy metal ring on the upper end of the back that can be attached to the strap, which is not easy to loosen, and also allows the little pets to stroll around the owner under comfortable conditions.

The Pet Collar Harness Leash is a super-hit product that helps pet parents' lives easier.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How secure is the harness and leash set?

A: This harness features an adjustable buckle that enables a snug, secure fit, preventing escape from the restraint.

Q: Why is the halter design so helpful?

A: The halter design distributes pressure, avoiding neck strain for cats and small dogs.

Q: Why should pet parents use this harness and leash set?

A: It is a safe and secure harness leash set with a reflective feature that ensures visibility in low-light conditions, making it perfect for night-time walks.

Q: Where can you use this product?

A: The product is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, travelling, fishing, hunting, walking dogs, etc.

Q: Is the harness and leash breathable?

A: Made with a breathable fabric design, the harness has breathable holes offering proper ventilation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Bernice Jacobi

Genial !

Giovani Gleichner

This is my second harness in this store. As ordered, Brown, with a reflective stripe. The first black harness is still in use, the brown one took in reserve. It's okay, thank you!💕😊

Chanel Stoltenberg

A tie it's broken after two weeks…

Jackson Ruecker

Très bien!

Cortney Waelchi

Good for the price

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