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Waterproof Solid Silicone Pet Placement Food and Water Mat

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  • Waterproof
  • Solid Silicone Mat
  • Washable
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Placement Food and Water Mat
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Waterproof Solid Silicone Pet Placement Food and Water Mat

About This Item


Material Silicone Pet Food Pad

Color Black, Gray

Size 47*29.5 cm

Item Type Pet Accessories


Waterproof Solid Silicone Pet Placement Food and Water Mat

Waterproof Pet Mat, designed for both dogs and cats, this solid colour silicone mat is not just a practical solution to keep feeding areas clean but also adds a touch of style to your pet's dining space. Perfect for all breeds and sizes, from small to large dogs and cats, it's an essential accessory for every pet owner.

  • High-Quality Silicone Material: Made from premium silicone, this mat is durable, waterproof, and safe for your pets. Its non-toxic nature ensures that your pet's feeding area remains hygienic and clean.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The mat is easy to wash by hand, making cleaning after mealtime a breeze. Its silicone material doesn't absorb stains or odours, ensuring long-lasting freshness.
  • Versatile Size and Use: Measuring 47*29.5 cm, this mat is large enough to accommodate both food and water bowls, making it suitable for pets of all sizes.
  • Non-Slip and Waterproof Design: The waterproof feature protects your floors from spills, while the non-slip surface keeps pet bowls in place during feeding, reducing mess.
  • Stylish and Practical: Available in neutral colours like grey and black, the mat's solid pattern seamlessly integrates into any home décor, offering a stylish yet practical solution for pet feeding.

A waterproof Pet Mat is more than just a feeding accessory; it's a blend of functionality, style, and hygiene. This easy-to-clean, durable mat is a must-have for pet owners who value cleanliness and convenience in their pet's feeding routine.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this mat suitable for large dog breeds?

A: Yes, its size and design make it suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, as well as cats.

Q: How do I clean the silicone mat?

A: It can be easily cleaned by hand washing, making maintenance hassle-free.

Q: Will the mat slip or slide on the floor?

A: The silicone material provides a non-slip surface, keeping the mat in place during use.

Q: Is the silicone material safe for pets?

A: The silicone used is non-toxic and safe for all pets.

Q: Can this mat be used outdoors?

A: Yes, its durable and waterproof design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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